Popping Popcorn in Cast Iron

Popping popcorn in a cast iron skillet is easy, fun, cheap, and delicious. Amish Country kernels and other organic farmed can be found easily on Amazon or your local health food store.

Simply add 1/4 cup of oil to a cast iron skillet.  I used my 12″ cast iron skillet and preheat it to a medium to high setting.  You can use canola, peanut, vegetable, or specialty flavored popcorn oil.

Tip: If you add salt or popcorn seasoning to the oil, it will distribute evenly while popping.

Place a single popcorn kernel in the heated oil and cover with a lid.  (When I got rid of my Teflon pans and replaced them with cast iron, I kept some of the lids to use with my cast iron skillets.) Once the kernel pops, cover the bottom of the skillet with a single layer of kernels. *Don’t forget to cover with lid or you will have popcorn popping all over your kitchen!

As the popcorn kernels are popping, lightly shake the skillet around a few times in a circular motion.  After the popping slows down to a few seconds between pops, remove the skillet from the heat to avoid burning, but keep it covered.

The popcorn will continue popping for another minute.
You may add additional, salt, seasonings, and melted butter, and serve in a bowl.

You will never want store bought popcorn again!

Popping Popcorn in Cast Iron



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