Where it all began…

Greetings and welcome to RoofTop Recipes,

After moving into Via Verde and having the pleasure of cooking with food grown oi our rooftop garden, I realized that even though I love and embrace everything we are growing, I knew only a few techniques for actually cooking with these ingredients.  In my effort to explore and expand my recipes I wanted to find a way to share what I had found with my neighbors and provide a platform where my neighbors can share too……..this is where RoofTop Recipes was born!

I hope you enjoy some goodies that fit your appetite and feed your wellness!

Here’s the HOW TO:

FOOD CATEGORIES (drop-down menu on the right –>

Tired of scrolling down the page of posts? Find recipes specific to the ingredient you have at home!!  The “food categories” in the drop down menu on the right will bring you to a page only containing recipes that include you ingredient.

[The recipes include ingredients that can be found in our garden as well as the selection provided in the food boxes that can be ordered weekly.]

NUTRITIONAL DATA (post feed on the right) –>

The links in this section connect to sites that provide the nutritional values of the raw and cooked foods.  This is useful if you are interested in which foods provide which nutrients and want to break down the science of your diet.

If you are interested in rooftop gardening and urban farming, check out our video by emmitt Thrower:

More Pics – from the lens of Gerard Lordahl:

Grow NYC – Via Verde Rooftop Garden


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